Fin Bulgaria - Thrash Metal Madness

Look for the answer to your question 
alone and no one to help you if you do not help yourself 
this is the end of full of questions
last funeral service of a fallen fool
Look for the answer to your question 
a battle for true music Prince fell dead king
and you keep asking questions 
I can not meet you this is so unacceptable 
stop those matters what you want is impossible
your weakness is evident you are a fool
you are a fool.
If you think you can beat a fool
no chance it's myth legend
just be aware and as long as those question
madness strength of mind come want to see your mind
I speak but I do not understand 
call me but this is not the end bro
chase me but I keep asking why me why I
matters no end and the situation is ugly
I want to know what I want to