Fin Bulgaria is a bulgarian thrash metal band formed in the summer of 2013. The band consists of two members both are lead vocals. FB released one EP album named "Bulgarian Thrash" (4 songs + 1 official video). The second album was released 6 mounts later, named "Beton" and it includes 9 songs + 1 official video. At the summer of 2014 Fin Bulgaria done the work on their last album named "Thrash is not death". This album is a conceptual and sang at 4 different languages. After that the band has released compilation of all best songs untill nowadays. The album was named "Worst album" (of course there are only best songs of the band).In the beginning of 2015 the band made its second split album together with Brazilians Winged Assassins The album is said Devil's kiss . In March the band made another split album
together with Bulgarian Death metal band Karantia - Karantia so says the album.


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